The late Diana Vreeland, who was probably the most important editor in chief of any fashion magazine the world has ever knows said once that ¨The Eye Has To Travel¨. For her, and for those of us who love image making it means that every image, whether is a moving image or a photograph, should be able to tell a story. It has to have a particular visual narrative, and those who create the images, whether its film or photo, have to have a very strong point of view. Art , even if it is for commercial purposes, carries a narrative that is supposed to awe us, and make us think, even if it can repulse us. Based on all of these principles, and under the leadership of our founder JI Correa, we launched Correa Photo Film Studio a few years ago as a creative hub where we create images that matter, and that they tell stories. Born in May 24th 1979, JI Correa is an award winning Ecuadorian photographer and film maker with educational and professional experience in Canada, Ecuador, The United States and France.

Earning a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Directing and Screenwriting in EICAR (Paris, France, 2010), his short films have screened in numerous film festivals around the world, including: The Ecuador Gay and Lesbian Film Festival "El Lugar Sin Limites" (Quito, Ecuador, 2011), Pink Apple Film Festival (Zurich, Switzerland, 2012), Vancouver Queer Film Festival (Vancouver, Canada, 2012), Libercine Argentina Queer Film Festival (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013), Q Film festival (Long Beach, California, U.S.A. 2014), earning numerous awards such as: Best Ecuadorian short film, at the Ecuador Gay and Lesbian Film Festival "El Lugar Sin Limites" (Quito, Ecuador, 2011), and the Hot Short ́s OUT TV Audience award for best short film, at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival (Vancouver, Canada, 2012).


In 2013, JI embarked himself into photography, and has worked with established Ecuadorian construction companies and architectural firms, photographing buildings in construction and terminated projects for architectural catalogues. In portraiture, fine art and and street photography, his works have been showcased in a number of exhibitions across Ecuador. His latest opening in march 2019, “Myopia” was a critical sucess.


Presently, he divides his time between his photography - film studio and the continuation of the writing of his two feature length screenplays He is fluent in English, Spanish and French .


For his photographic work Jose uses a Canon 60D system and a variety of lenses that include Canon EF lenses such as the EF 70/200 mm F.2.8, 50 mm F 1.8, Macro 100 mm F2.8 and a EFs 18/135 mm F4 lens. He is an active member of the Ecuadorian Photographer´s Association.

Labour Series 2015 - Samurai Welder
Labour Series - Tumbaco Butcher Shop 201
Series Myiopia in Rotterdam Holland 2018


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Series Myiopia in Rotterdam Holland 2018